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Measure the metrics that matter

Customer service analytics provide valuable insights that help you improve your CSAT and performance. Get
greater visibility into your customer and company data.

Customer data platform
Customer data platform

Uncover actionable insights with

View key stats for customer engagement, conversations, chatbot deployments, and agent performance in one dashboard.

Build custom reports

Build custom reports the
C-suite will love

Create views of what matters most to your business. Custom reports allow you to combine activity metrics with other platform data, revealing valuable insights on what’s working and what’s not.

Track team performance improvement with acquire analytics

Improve team performance

Always hit your SLAs and use customer support analytics to identify your best agents and replicate their success across the team.

Measure customers on website

Understand where your customers are

See activity patterns across hours and locations so you can schedule your team’s availability. Keep leads flowing when you’re offline with chatbots and automations.

Analyze emails in a dashboard

Examine email activity

Explore the impact of email service and support. Look at inbound and outbound email volume, response time, and effectiveness.

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Measure chatbot effectiveness


Dive into chatbot analytics and identify opportunities to optimize responses, improve self-service, and increase deflection.

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Optimize knowledge base

Optimize your knowledge base

Learn which articles get the most views, how customers rate your content, and recommended additions to drive self-service.

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Measure chatbot service


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